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Image by Boris  Smokrovic

Bee Kind


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Around 13 of the UK’s bee species are now extinct and 35 others are under threat of extinction. Join the Save The Bees campaign with a bee hotel or wildflower patch. 

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Brighten up a loved ones day! Send a letterbox sized treat to spread some love and buzz. 


A little about Beeloved Gifts

Image by Ilana Grostern

Everyone has noticed a busy bee or two flying throughout their garden or local parks. They are on a mission - they are pollinating most of the fruit and vegetables that we eat. They're essential to a healthy environment and to our economy. 

These industrious little creatures can fly as far as 5 miles for food. A colony of around 60,000 bees flies the equivalent distance from Earth to the Moon everyday! It's fascinating facts like this paired with the friendly, fuzzy images of the Honeybee, that have led to a love of bees and the creation of this little independent gift shop. 


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