A bit more about Beeloved Gifts


Meet Fiona

Beeloved Gifts has been created by Fiona - a self proclaimed bee lover that likes pretty things!


As a child, growing up in rural Ireland, I was blessed with parents that had very green fingers. Our garden was filled with colour year round and an ever present army of insects, birds, bees and butterflies. Though I was not fortunate enough to acquire the green fingers of my Mum and Dad, it has led to a fascination about how bees spend their days and the impact that it has on our lives. 

The well known Honeybee with its fuzzy, velvet body and pollen laden legs always brings a smile to my face when it flies past. Though its not just the Honeybees, there are over 240 species of solitary bees in the UK, which makes up 90% of our bee species. They aren't creating honey, solely pollinating flowers, fruit and vegetables for us. 

I want to share my love of bees, help people find out a little more about the diligent creatures and spread some bee love with thoughtful trinkets. Hope you enjoy browsing!